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Grants to Florida Nonprofit and Community-Based Organizations, IHEs, Tribes, and Agencies to...

Deadline 02/17/23 LOI Date: 12/09/22

Grants to Florida nonprofit and community-based organizations, IHEs, Tribes, and agencies to study breast cancer. Applicants must submit a letter of intent prior to submitting a full application. Preference is given to first-time applicants and research applications tha

GrantWatch ID#: 199834

Grants to Florida Resident Groups and Civic Organizations for Neighborhood Improvement Proje...

Deadline 04/03/23 Conference Date: 12/09/22 LOI Date: 12/20/22

Grants of up to $10,000 to Florida civic organizations, homeowner's associations, and resident-based groups for projects that improve local neighborhoods in eligible locations. Interested applicants must attend a grant information session and submit their Intent to Appl

GrantWatch ID#: 178007

In-Kind Training to Florida Nonprofit Board Members to Strengthen Governance Capacity

Deadline 12/11/22

In-kind training and resources to Florida volunteer board members at nonprofit organizations in eligible locations to strengthen leadership capacity. The program is intended to provide nonprofits with a comprehensive overview of governance issues as well as an in-depth

GrantWatch ID#: 183404

Grants to Florida Nonprofits to Enhance the Quality of Life for Local Residents

Deadline 12/15/22

Grants to Florida nonprofit organizations to enhance the quality of life for local residents in eligible locations. Program focus areas include cultural enrichment, healthcare, environment, education, and social services for youth, adults, and the elderly. Funding is in

GrantWatch ID#: 150110

Grants to Florida Nonprofits, Agencies, and For- Profits to Promote Local Tourism in Eligible...

Deadline 01/17/23 Conference Date: 12/15/22

Grants to Florida nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and businesses to promote local tourism in eligible areas. Applicants must attend a grant workshop and submit an eligibility form, and returning applicants must contact program staff prior to applying. Fund

GrantWatch ID#: 172388

Grants to Florida Nonprofits in Eligible Counties to Promote Animal Welfare

Deadline 12/16/22

Grants of up to $25,000 to Florida nonprofit organizations in eligible counties to promote animal welfare. The purpose of this grant is to support capital purchases, such as surgical equipment, and to fund emergency veterinary services. Eligible applicants are located i

GrantWatch ID#: 197877

Grants to Florida County EMS Providers to Enhance Services

Deadline 12/16/22

Grants to Florida county government emergency medical service agencies for a broad range of projects that enhance service delivery. Funding is intended to support operating expenses, staff salaries, equipment and vehicle purchases, and travel expenses. The goal of the g

GrantWatch ID#: 177400

Grants to Florida Nonprofits in Eligible Locations for Summertime Programs that Benefit Low-...

Deadline 12/19/22

Grants to Florida nonprofit organizations in eligible locations for summer camp programs that benefit children and families from low-income populations. Funding is intended to provide educational opportunities during the months between school years. Grants should primar

GrantWatch ID#: 206766

Grants to Florida Veterinary Clinics, Pet Shelters, and Disaster Response Organizations for ...

Deadline 12/29/22

Grants to Florida nonprofit veterinary clinics, municipal and nonprofit pet shelters, and disaster response organizations to provide relief, rescue, and response services in eligible regions for animals in the wake of recent flooding. Funding is intended for disaster re

GrantWatch ID#: 165776

Grants to Florida Nonprofits and Agencies for Programs and Projects to Benefit Residents in ...

Deadline 12/30/22

Grants to Florida nonprofit organizations and government agencies for programs and projects to benefit residents in eligible communities. Projects may fall into one of the following funding categories: veterans, education, water quality and environment, youth, and senio

GrantWatch ID#: 152903

Grants to Florida Businesses and Residents to Mitigate the Negative Impact on Employment as ...

Deadline 12/30/22

Grants to Florida businesses and residents in eligible regions to mitigate the negative impact on employment as a result of the recent hurricane. Funding is intended for individuals and organizations that have been unable to operate or work due to Hurricane Ian. Eligibl

GrantWatch ID#: 206013

Grants to Florida Nonprofits to Support Local Jewish Children and Seniors and to Benefit Chi...

Deadline 12/31/22

Grants to Florida nonprofit organizations in eligible regions for programs that support Jewish children and the elderly in local communities and to benefit needy children and youth in Israel. Funding is intended for general support, programs, and capital projects for y

GrantWatch ID#: 143397
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